We fulfill requests for copies of claim files so you don’t have to

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Review 40 million pages annually

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Trusted by the nation’s top carriers

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Respond to requests within 24 hours

“I know that the job is being done, and it’s completely seamless. I don’t have to get involved in the process at all; that’s really been tremendous.”

This reality is all too common

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Do you feel overwhelmed by requests for copies of claim files?

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Are you tired of managing this process?

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Does the backlog seem neverending, almost hopeless?

Most people don't love responding to requests for copies of claim files.

Fulfilling requests for copies of claim files is a headache. The process seems unending. Instead of focusing on their core claims responsibilities, they can't shake an admin headache. You shouldn’t waste time on this process; instead, you should focus on the claim.

We understand how frustrating this can be with increased demand for requests for copies of claim files. At ClaimFox, we’ve reviewed and fulfilled millions of pages of claims for the nation’s top carriers. With security that meets and exceeds the industry standards, your requests are in the hands of trusted experts. So instead of wasting time on that next request, let ClaimFox do it so you don’t have to.

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Meet with our team and discover how ClaimFox makes life easier for you.
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Plug us in

We get access to your claim files and start fulfilling requests.
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Never handle a request again

Trust the experts to get everything done for you.

Secure Data

We are ISO Certified, meaning we have the same data security protocols as companies you already trust.

Better Tracking

Stop tracking requests for copies of claim files on spreadsheets. Our proprietary software, eRequest, makes it easy to see the process.

Consistent Processing

Our proven system makes fulfilling requests consistent, so you never have to wonder if things get done.

Regular Reporting

Using eRequest, you get access to real-time reports so have the insights you need.


What our clients are saying
  • "ClaimFox continues to provide us with first rate service and support. We have a great working relationship with them and it’s nice to know that when we call, the staff will take personal responsibility for resolving any queries or issue we may have"

  • "As a high volume company with strict regulatory guidelines to follow and we depend heavily on ClaimFox’s services. Their staff is professional, courteous, and easy to work with. They are always looking to make things more efficient and are compliant with all of our policies."

  • "I know the job is being done. It's completely seamless, and I don't have to get involved in the process at all"

  • "Claimfox was able to come in and say, "Hey, we're gonna handle all of this for you. . .” I thought that was perfect."

  • "After evaluating the cost associated doing the work, we realized we were losing money by having a dedicated person doing the work."

The Fox Factor



ClaimFox fully reviews and interprets data to gather the specifically required information to be released.



Outcomes / Advantages:
Improve core performance

With us involved, our clients turn what has been traditionally
viewed as 'low value functions' into high value outcomes


Staff hours regained for the claims handling process


Reallocating resources


Cost savings / reduce internal costs


Price: Free
No cost to the client

See how we helped one client

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Staff ill Equiped - ClaimFox

Staff not equiped to efficiently respond to requests
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Cumbersome, decentralized processes at multiple locations
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Staffing challenges due to unexpected fluctuations in requests
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Centralized Processing - ClaimFox

Centralized processing to a main location
StreamLined system - ClaimFox

Streamlined the system using a proprietary software
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Managed all customer service needs for requests
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$9M saved
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hours saved
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6 lines
of business